Gattacicova is an independent publisher and film production company which exists to further an understanding of communities, based on a contemporary and open vision – neither from the outside looking in nor from the inside looking out, but with a mutual gaze on present-day realities.

Gattacicova has produced several documentaries on Latin America which have been screened at international film festivals; broadcast on national television in Latin America and the USA; and distributed by community networks.

Gattacicova’s publications include Southwark Lido, a book on a free temporary Lido built by the EXYZT collective in London in 2008. The Lido’s story has no single narrator but is instead told by many voices and through many eyes, including those of neighbours, visitors, builders and curators.

Gattacicova is currently launching a new editorial project: a series of books providing a modern snapshot of countries that remain outside of the media spotlight, except in exceptional circumstances.

The first of the series is Bolivia Contemporanea, to be published in 2011.